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Max 'n Jax Board Game (including poker dice and chalk)

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Max 'n Jax Board Game

Max 'n Jax Board game exclusively from An old time favorite brought back to life - durable wooden board with solid printed lines and numbering for keeping score. Add the Max 'n Jax Board game to your bar accessories collection today.

Includes a set of poker dice, chalk and a printed rule insert.



Any number of people can play.

Each player must attempt, in any order, each one of the 8 headings.

Only one attempt at each heading is allowed and if the player fails to score, 0 is recorded.

3 rows are allowed for each attempt. Before the 3rd row, the player must nominate which heading he is throwing for. Points are scored as shown under each heading.

For example :

A player throws 2 Tens, a Queen, Ace and a nine on the first throw. He retains the 10s and throws again, this time a Queen, an Ace and a ten. He retains the ten, nominates ten and throws the remaining 2 dice. A ten and a nine are thrown, therefore the player has 4 tens in his three rows giving a score of 8 points.A max is a run of either 9; 10; Jack; Queen; King - OR - 10; Jack; Queen; King; Ace.
A full house is 3 of one kind and 2 of another, e.g. 3 Kings and 2 Nines.

When all the headings have been attempted by all the players, the totals are added and entered under "Players Total". Side wagers may be placed on line totals with players names under the winning line. 


Length:         40.5cm
Width:           33cm
Thickness:    0.3cm